July 19, 2007

Online Airlines Computerised Reservations and eTicketing Training Courses

Welcome on-board to Multiwings Web-Travel Academy.

Multiwings, the pioneer online training institute in and from India, is offering worldwide online, or onsite and classroom training courses, in all the 6 active Global Distribution Systems, or GDS, which is also popularly known as CRS, or computerized reservation systems of the world.

Enroll today, in cost effective Multiwings Certificate of Course Completion in,

Course 1. Airlines CRS, or GDS Reservations, & PNR Management Course, and in,
Course 2. Automated Fares, & e-Ticketing Course.

These online, onsite and classroom Training Programs are available in any one of the following 6 active global distribution systems, or GDS of the world, which an aspiring candidate can now select from either,

Amadeus, | or Galileo, | or Sabre, | or Worldspan, | or Apollo, | or Abacus systems.

The online, onsite and classroom training is provided, in simulated computer-based training environment, emulating any one of the 6 active GDS systems, as mentioned in earlier para, and get yourself trained, in any one of the GDS systems, and enhance your job prospects in the travel industry, and work confidently in either an airlines office, or a travel agency, or a travel related BPO office as, a Reservations, and e-Ticketing Agent.

Kindly visit our Mira-Bhayandar Training Center for further details, and avoid calling to get a clear picture.

Attempt some Aptitute Tests, and Review some suggested presentations and documents, to know, if you can be able to work in day-to-day environment, of an Airlines Reservations, and e-Ticketing Staff, as employed in either, a Travel Agency, or an Airlines office, or altogether differently, in an Airlines Related Back Office, or as a Fare Auditor.

Click on the following links to access the suggested tests and postings.

Enjoy exploring, Multiwings WebTravel Academy blog for your training needs, in aviation industry.

Admissions Now OPEN For Direct Enrollment with IATA Distance Learning Center, Montreal or through one of its Authorised Training Center ( ATC ) in your region in:

Advanced IATA GDS Fares & Ticketing Course
and choose your GDS training from either
Amadeus, or Galileo, or Sabre systems.

Till 25th FEB 2018 - For JUN 2018 Exams - OPEN

Till 30th MAY 2017 - For SEP 2017 Exams - CLOSED

Till 10th SEP 2017 - For DEC 2017 Exams - OPEN

Till 25th NOV 2017 - For MAR 2018 Exams

Aptitude Tests

Review Presentations and Documents

1. Training Attributes Presentation

2. EBT Training for worldwide Foundations Course candidates

3. Suggesting a Personality Development Presentation

Free Educational Videos

1. How To Launch Amadeus Vista Command Page

Learning Reinforcement Drills After You Complete Each Lesson With Multiwings

Amadeus Section

1. Drill 1 - Course 1 | Lesson 1

2. Drill 2 - Course 1 | Lesson 2

Apollo Section

1. Drill 1 - Course 1 | Lesson 1

Galileo Section

1. Drill 1 - Course 1 | Lesson 1

Sabre Section

Drill 1 - Course 1 - Test Your Knowledge in Sabre System

Information regarding how to enroll directly with IATA for March or June or Sepember or December exams in


Pre-requiste: Good working knowledge of GDS, or get the proper training from us to be eligible for direct enrollment to the above cited IATA course.

A comprehensive computer-based training programe is now available online for all aspiring candidates from across the globe in either Amadeus or Galileo or Sabre, teaching the complete IATA Fare Construction Formula as taught manually in Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 2 (Consultant) training programs of IATA.

But before enrolling directly with IATA, an aspiring candidate must have the knowledge of operating a system, if not, then one may enroll in our Airlines Reservations & PNR Mangement Course and then in our Automated Fares & eTicketing Course so that the candidates can directly enroll with IATA for self study of their Advanced GDS Fares & Ticketing program.

Many new aspiring candidates think or presume that to persue a prospective career in the aviation industry as Counter Staff is to go or begin with Level 1 (Foundation) and gradually proceed to Level 2 (Consultant) and so on……this is actually NOT TRUE with the advent of GDS (Global Distribution Systems, like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Abacus, Apollo and so on…).

The Foundation and Consultant levels were useful when there were no computers in the offices of airlines and travel agencies to execute air reservation/s and issue (or print) air-ticket/s.

The staff in those days used to work out manually the fare/s for complexed international itineraries (as I used to do and sometimes used to take some pain killer tablet/s to overcome those stressful and demanding days in the office to meet the challenge/s of constructing the fare/s) and make of the schedule of flights using RED and BLUE ABC manuals (now it is called OAG and is still available in the market for which I was appointed their sales coordinator in India till recently).

All the aviation industry entities (as described below) were compelled to susbcribe for costly manuals such as ABC (now OAG, Official Airlines Guide), APT (Airlines Passenger Tariff) & PAT (Passengers Air Tariff), now both of these combined and published as AT (Air Tariff) by IATA Netherlands, General Fares & Rules Books on WH (Western Hemispere) & EH (Eastern Hemisphere) and so on…

In todays era of rapid computerisation, practically all the aviation industry entities, such as Airlines, GSA (General Sales Agents of a particular airliner in a specific alloted region which act as offices of that particular Airlines), Travel Agencies (IATA or Non-IATA), Airlines Business Process Outsourced (BPOs or back offices) do not subscribe to any manuals on which the Foundation and Consultant training is based as everything now is available on any one of the powerful Global Distribution Systems (GDS), as cited above.

With the advent of GDS in the office of the aviation industry entities, the staff can now easily access a wide range of information through the proper use of the system in which they will be working.

A trained staff with Airlines Reservations & PNR Management Course and in Automated Fares & eTicketing Course can now see LIVE seat inventory for almost all the major and low cost airliners of the world, pick up an appropriate seat as per Fare selected and rules governing it, make instant reservations and create PNRs (Passenger Name & Recod Locator File in an GDS) and issue effortlessly Electronic Tickets (eTickets) without bothering to take any pain killers to reduce headaches….. sometimes I envy the present day aviation staff as they have so many modern day-to-day equipments, techniques and training available at their disposal to function and maximise their work output, and in less stressful environment.

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